Dear Collectors,

I'm Jay Conley and I'm the breaker here at Big Blue Breaks and the owner of Wildcat Sports Cards and Breaks. We are based in Lexington, Kentucky--where I live. Just like you, I am a fanatic, borderline-obsessed sports card collector and avid group break participant. I love nearly everything about this hobby including discussing it. I could wax poetic about basketball and basketball cards, specifically, for hours.

As far as my rooting interests are concerned I am a diehard University of Kentucky fan, a Philadelphia Eagles fan and a New York Yankees fan. I know that's a weird mix of teams, but hear me out, I have my reasons! Growing up in Kentucky, I never had a local professional team in any sport. I just had the University of Kentucky Wildcats to root for. Luckily for me, they were and are very good at my favorite sport, basketball. As for the Yankees and Eagles, they're the namesakes of the teams I played on in middle school and Babe Ruth League baseball when my interest and love for sports began.

I am also a professional poker player. I've traveled all over the country playing that game, which I love. However, about 4 years ago the travel got harder and harder for me all because of the best thing that ever happened to me.

The best thing that ever happened to me is, of course, my wife and my 3-year-old son. They make it very hard to leave home, so I've decided to spend my nights with you guys opening and talking about the cards we love to open.

From the bottom of my heart, good luck to everyone!